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Are you one of those who are proud or simply curious about their family history and lineage? If yes, you must have worked with Family Tree Maker and Ancestory. But what is a Family Tree Maker in the first place? As the name suggests, it is a genealogical software that allows you to store data that contains information about your family history, ancestors, lineage using text, charts, graphs, etc.

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How can I print a Family Tree? 

Even if you have compiled a complete set of information about your family tree, you must be curious to have it in a hard copy! But how would you do it?


Firstly, you must understand the format. Family trees can be printed in ‘pedigree view’ or ‘family view.’

The pedigree view is simply the horizontal summation of all your ancestors, with the youngest one positioned on the right and their ancestors on the right. This format expands left to right.


The family view is a vertical representation of your family lineage as opposed to the pedigree view. The youngest ones are placed at the bottom of the tree while their ancestors sit at the top.


You must be wondering, ‘What are the pros and cons of each format?’

The answer to this is that the Family view is easy to understand; however, it requires more paper in printing and is harder to piece together. The pedigree view can be a bit confusing but does not have the disadvantages of the Family view.


Steps of Printing: 

Once you have understood the format, you are all set to print your family tree!

To begin printing, follow the steps below:

  • Click the trees tab and select a tree
  • Choose between a ‘pedigree’ or ‘family’ view on the left side of the screen
  • Select the page area you want to print and click ‘Print.’ It must be noted that it is not possible to print the entire tree at once, and you must scroll down to print the entire tree step by step. You can move to specific trees by clicking ‘Tree Search.’
  • Click ‘Print’ in the top right corner of the tree.
  • Click ‘Print’ again in the top left corner of the page
  • Click OK

Can you print someone’s relationship with you?

Another frequently asked question includes, ‘Can you print someone’s relationship with you?’

The answer is Yes! You can print someone’s relationship to you, such as your great-grandmother.

But how do we actually do that? Here are some easy steps:

  • From the person’s profile page, click their relationship to you
  • A window will open and would require you to click ‘Print.’
  • Another window will appear on your screen. Click on ‘Print this page, then select ‘Ok’ to print someone’s relationship with you!



Conclusively, it could be said that printing a family tree is an exciting way to save your family history and lineage in a hard copy. But if you are still stuck in it. You can just chat with our executive or contact us directly for more issues regarding ancestry helper and ancestry login. Our team will guide you step by step at ease.

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