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Family tree maker 2021 Easy Guide


Are you interested in your family, lineage and your history? Do you have a hobby of storing your ancestor’s information? If yes, then you must be well aware of this Family Tree software. But what is this? It is a genealogy software, installed on your computer’s hard drive, that allows researchers to keep track of their ancestor’s information collected during research of different types and then to store that information in the form of charts, reports and books.


Features of Family Tree maker

I cannot completely describe the vast features of this software in such a short paragraph but the main features of Tree maker are that they are customizable. You can add a variety of charts, reports and have a variety of options such as printing it or exporting it in a variety of formats.


Also, you can backup your files in this Tree maker software. Since constructing your family tree is a manual process and takes a lot of time, it allows you to create backups so that you can easily edit or revert copies.


Unlike websites like Ancestry, the Family Tree Maker allows you to create your own maps, specifying the events that took place in a certain location along with the person’s information and the travel history of your family.

Moreover, you can merge your trees and files to expand your family tree.


Since Ancestry and Family maker tree software are two similar tools, you can sync them to merge, create or join your family tree and view sources and citations


How to merge two files in this Family Tree maker ? 

Merging files is a unique way to expand your family tree and should be known to all the users of this software. To merge Family  Tree Maker files:

  • Open host file in the FTM software, if you want you can create a backup
  • Open the dialogue box and select the file you want to merge
  • Follow the instructions on Merge wizard and click ‘Next’
  • You can set the facts for persons or accept the host records. This process might be helpful when you are reviewing your files
  • Once all selections are made, click on ‘Merge’, follow the remaining instructions and you have successfully expanded your family tree.


How to share Family  Tree Maker files? 

Perhaps, the FTM software would become useless if you don’t know how to share it with your friends, family.

To export a file in this, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click file menu and select Export
  • Select ‘Entire file’ or ‘selected individuals’ in the export file window to choose the number of people you want to export your file to
  • Select an output format and review the options. Select your desired settings and click on ‘OK’ to export export pane, select the location you want to save the file in, and click ‘Save’



Using this Family Tree Maker software is easy and interesting to input your family history.  However, if you are still caught in it. For more questions about ancestry helper and ancestry login, you can just chat with our executive or contact us directly. Our experts will walk you through the process step by step, making you feel at peace.

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