How to Utilize Find Missing Media Tool in FTM 2019


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As always, there are times when you desire to access a web page or use a particular software tool but suddenly, what do you get?

An error message right? Yeah, this is normal and the Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM 19) software is not an exception. By the way, first, we got to know what an FTM 19 is.

What is the FTM 2019 and what does it offer? 

The FTM software is genealogy software that simply helps you to keep a track record of information compiled about your ancestry. It is currently developed by Software Mackiev. With FTM 19,  your family history can be unraveled, your legacy sustained and your distinctive heritage revealed.

Besides, it’s got amazingly new features included in its package which include:

  • Profile Picture Perfection
  • TreeVault® Cloud Services
  • Hints in the Index
  • AlbumWALKTM Media Player
  • Turn Back Time®

For more on these features, check out Software Mackiev.

However, there can be issues with this new software, especially security errors or blank pages, but you don’t have to worry about that because Ancestry Support got you covered.


When doing security errors or blank pages show up?

Security error issues or blank pages pop up when you are:

  • Trying to look at an Ancestry record OR 
  • Attempting a suggestion in Web Search.

Next, what are the possible ways to resolve security errors or blank pages?


Here are a few hints:


  • First, make sure that the Family Tree Maker programmer (FTM.exe) has access to family tree maker on ports 80 and 443.
  • If the problem persists, there could be an issue with the default ancestry site used by the web search. Try downloading a simple utility by clicking here and immediately running it. Use the utility to change the location to the United States in case another location is indicated (such as Germany (DE), Australia (AUS) or the United Kingdom (UK)).
  • An additional step can be to ensure that the web address is written as ““. To do this, access the address bar inside the web search to check and if necessary edit any other web address into the above format.
  • Besides, there is an alternative of working on Ancestry directly in your web browser, like Chrome or Firefox without being in the FTM software. Afterwards, the Family Sync tab in the FTM software can be used to sync any changes back to your FTM tree.
  • Finally, you could also make your searches and manually add records in FTM by using the incorporated function for searching Ancestry in the FTM Web Search rather than the usual Web Search to navigate Ancestry.

We hope one of these options helps

But if you are still in need of more clarifications, no worries.

Use the Contact us tab to reach out to us directly and our team will guide you every step of the way with absolute simplicity.

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