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How To Fix Broken Media Links in Family Tree Maker 2017 for Windows

As always, we have had to deal with broken kinds of stuff and equipment that were
very important to us in our daily lives. Fixing them could be difficult.
It’s a similar scenario when using Family Tree Software 2017 in Windows application
settings as it applies to media links being broken. When a broken media link occurs in
your Family Tree Tool, it is attributed to a change of the name or location of the item
in the media outside of the Family Tree Maker.
Before we highlight hints on how to fix media links being broken, it is important to
recognize such possible abnormalities.
And how do you know that your media link is broken?
When you pick a media item, a File not found – filename is immediately shown in the
bottom right corner of the window. Hence, to look at or take advantage of the item in
the media, you will have to link it up again with its actual File.
In some cases, however, a break in the media link for a particular family file can occur
when the File is relocated to a completely separate folder in your PC outside of the
Family Tree Making software devoid of the media library connected to the File. But
the good news is that it can be corrected through a re-transfer of the family portfolio
to its initial location or by simply transferring the media library to the identical place
where the family portfolio is.
Let’s get right on how exactly we can fix media links broken in Family Tree software
Have you once tried to do the fixing yourself but to no avail?
Then you don’t have to worry because Ancestry Support has got you covered.
Below, we have presented you with a step wise explanation of how to fix broken link
media in FTM Tree Maker 2017 for Windows.
All it takes is a patient reading through this article with keen attention. Let’s read, shall
How do I fix broken media links in Family Tree Maker 2017 for Windows?
● Honestly, fixing media links are broken in your FTM Tree Maker 2017 for
Windows is not as difficult as you think. Besides, it is absolutely simple.
● Alright then, to efficiently fix media links that are broken within a fraction of a
minute, check out these steps:
● The first thing you should do is initiate a search. How do you do this? Good
question!! By picking the unrelated media item and clicking the red No such file
exists. a link in the left corner at bottom of the displayed window, a window
with notice will automatically pop up with a catalogue of the previous location
and name of the File in question.
Have you done that? You are making progress already!
● Immediately after that is done, you can make a choice to use the Family Tree
Tool search option to search the File or rather, and you can choose to manually
locate the File if you know exactly where it is situated.
● In using the Family Tree Tool search option, you need to first select the Let
Family Tree Software find for this File right within the window of File Not
Found and proceed to click OK.
● A successful location of the File by Family Tree Tool spontaneously reconnects
the media file with its filename link showing blue in the right corner at bottom
of the window. A failure is indicated by a warning, and you have to proceed
with a manual approach.
● To do a manual search, choose the bullet. Tap OK after manually searching for
the same file in the File Not Found segment.
● What next?
● By making use of the search file window, choose the File through its recent
location and then select Open. A successful relinking is indicated by showing a
blue filename link in the right corner at the bottom of the window with the
latest location registered.
And there you have it!!
We hope this article has helped with relevant insight.
But if you are still in need of more clarifications, no worries.
Use the Contact us tab to reach out to us directly, and our team will guide you every
step of the way with absolute simplicity.

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