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FamilyTree Syncing error reports

You have your family tree created in Ancestry, and you have linked it to the Family Tree Maker.

Now what? Indeed, a day comes when you discover something new about your pedigree and decide to update your tree in the Family Tree Maker.

But at the same time, you want your updates reflected in the Ancestry. That’s what we call syncing. You ensure that changes made to one tree are correctly transferred to the other

through syncing.

You are about to carry out the syncing, but you are stuck somewhere; you don’t know how to sync your updated tree on your Family Tree Maker to your Ancestry.

You don’t have to worry because Ancestry Support has got you covered.

Here is a little help for you. Just take your time to read the tips below like a patient but flowing stream and try them out. Here we go!

How do I Sync my Family Tree on Family Tree Maker to Ancestry

There is always a manual or/and intuitive approach to getting stuff like syncing done. The Ancestry and Family Tree Maker are no different as well. You can initiate syncing automatically or manually. 


Syncing Automatically

This type of syncing option is pretty easy to execute.

First, you set your tree for automated synchronization by making your desired changes. Then attempt to close or reopen your Ancestry or Family Tree Maker program.

Either program will verify for any disparities between the two trees. Immediately any difference is detected, it will instantly initiate an automatic sync process and update your trees on both Ancestry and the FTM appropriately.

Simple and easy, right?

Now, let’s get into the manual syncing.


Syncing Manually

Like in the automatic, you can set your tree for manual synchronization. But in contrast to the automatic option, this can be done on necessity at any point in time while operating in the program “Family Tree Maker.”

Manual syncing can be other two ways: either from Plan Screen or using Sync Status Icon.

From Plan Screen

To manually sync from the Plan Screen, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open your interconnected tree and select the icon Plan, located on your program in the upper left corner of Family Tree Maker.
  • Then, select the Current Tree tab in the right corner of your screen. Only do this if you aren’t already present. If you’re using Family Tree Maker on a Mac, you’ll also need to open the tree you want to sync, which you can do by going to the File menu, selecting Open, and selecting the most recent tree from your PC.
  • Next, locate the Tree synchronization – Access through the Ancestry box at the center of your screen. Just at the right corner is the synchronization button. Go ahead and click. And there you have it, and your tree has been synced. 

Using synchronization Status Icon

This option is super easy. Look for the synchronization Status icon just at the corner on the upper right of your Family Tree Software and find the Sync Now button in the drop-down menu. Go ahead, click the button, and hurray, your trees have been synced.


Syncing Error Reports

But what if you have an error while syncing? How do you know?

If there is an error in your syncing process, the Family Sync Report dialogue automatically opens.

Now, what do you do when this happens?

All you need to do is enter your name and email address in the boxes provided, click the Send Sync Report button, and await feedback.

We hope one of these pieces of information helps.

But if you are still in need of more clarifications, no worries.

Use the Contact us tab to reach out to us directly, and our team will guide you every step of the way with absolute simplicity.

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