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Backing up your vital information and initiating synchronization for changes made in such crucial details are essential to keeping a good update of your task.

Using your Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM 19) program is no different, and it is essential to know how to backup details of your generated family tree and sync changes made to it.

For the record, the Family Tree Maker 2019 is a newly upgraded program developed by Software

Due to such upgrades, there may be a little difficulty in attempting to back up your vital information in your family tree or even properly save sync logs.

Hence, it’s essential to know how to back up your family tree and ensure good synchronization of logs. Backing up of your tree files must be done before synchronization.

First, let’s begin with how-to backup a tree file in Family Tree Maker 2019.


Backing up a Tree File in Family Tree Maker 2019

The following information must be well understood when planning to back up your tree files in Family Tree Maker 2019.

    • Must carry out a complete backup of your tree file consistently and repeatedly before any significant changes to your tree files. Why? It ensures that you can restore your tree in case of an alteration to your recent file, including all attached media and links.
  • Must do backups manually because any automatic backup by the Family Tree Maker 2019 program will not contain media and lack the necessary information for relinking your tree to Ancestry. Hence, never rely on automatic backups.
  • Up-to-date full backups should be done using an external hard drive or a cloud storage device such as Dropbox.

Next, how do you back up tree files in FTM 19?

Just follow these steps:

    • First, open the tree you want to back up, select a file, go to backup, and the Backup the Tree dialogue opens immediately.
  • Next, type a new name for your backup file in the Backup Filename field and proceed to select a Location.
  • You can choose either a Removable media (which could be a USB flash drive) or a Hard disk (called Working Directory in Windows devices) by selecting Location on this computer (called Custom Directory in Windows devices) to save the backup file to a folder in your PC assigned to the Family Tree Maker.
  • Then, tick all check boxes to include Media files, Historical events, Web favorites, allow restored files to resume syncing, and click the final Backup button.


Using Syncing Logs in Family Tree Maker 2019

The Sync Log screen allows you to review any syncing of a family tree file that you had initiated. On this screen, you will see the specific changes from Ancestry and the transitions from Family Tree Maker 2019, and the terms that differ.

To properly use Sync Logs in FTM 19, follow these steps:

  • Begin by assigning your primary working file, for example, your tree, a simple name such as “Expert.”
  • Then, by looking at the family tree version, you can complete the name with something like “Expert 2019 11510”.
  • For renaming the tree file, you must go to the chosen tree option (located in the upper left corner of the plan workspace) to get updates.
  • Hence, you can rename your Sync Logs in FTM 2019.

We hope one of these tips is helpful.

But if you are still in need of more clarifications, no worries.

Use the Contact us tab to reach out to us directly, and our team will guide you every step of the way with absolute simplicity.

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