How to Setup Family Tree Maker 2019 on Mac


Displaying your tree on Ancestry can be done in the family or Pedigree view. These views differ based on how ancestors and descendants are arranged.

In the Family view, ancestors extend upward while descendants expand downward. In contrast, descendants widen towards the left, and the ancestors expand to the right when displaying your tree in Pedigree view.

However, it is possible to experience an error when displaying your tree in Family view.

What could be the reason for such an error? Relationship problems in your tree are primarily responsible for this error.

How does this happen?

It occurs when you list an individual in your tree such that he or she has two different relationships within the family. If a particular person becomes a spouse to his or her third cousin, both are related through a familiar ancestor and marriage. Family Tree Maker inserts these individuals into double roles in such a case.

Consequently, a similitude of duplicates in your tree evolves, or an error pop up while attempting to display in family view.

What do you do next?

Try to find out where such duplicates are occurring on the family tree by carefully looking from left to right and up to down.

Make sure that you have entered all of the information correctly for the person that you are trying to find. Spelling errors and incorrect information can sometimes cause this error message to appear.


Copies can be detected where you have a person’s particular name repeated on tree lines.

With these facts known, what can you do if you experience an error when displaying your tree in the Family view on Ancestry?

Possible solutions are: 

  • Switching your tree display from family view to pedigree view.
  • Tweaking relationships such that members of your tree are only related one way.

Displaying in Pedigree View 

This option is only possible if your tree has been adequately created, individuals have been correctly connected, and there are no relationship mistakes or conflicts. To effectively switch to the pedigree view, you can simply access your tree, select the Pedigree view button on the left-hand corner of your screen and click. And that’s it.

Alternatively, you can display your tree in Family view without errors by tweaking the relationships.

Tweaking Relationship in Family View on Ancestry

  • Before tweaking the faulty relationship connections on your tree, you have to change to the Pedigree view.
  • Having changed the display of your tree to Pedigree view, you can then switch back to Family view. Before this, fix the relationship mistakes by removing one of the ways someone connects to another individual.
  • In the case of the third cousins who are married, you have to disconnect one of the spouses from their parents and siblings or initiate a removal of the marriage between the third cousins by simply deleting it from the family tree.

How to Disconnect Wrong Relationships

Follow these steps to properly disconnect inappropriate relationships that involve multiple individuals.

    1. You should access your tree and display it in the Pedigree view.
    2. Then, find out the person you want to change by clicking Tree Search in the top-right corner of the Ancestry and click on the person.
    3. You should click the Profile button in the menu that appears after clicking on the person concerned.
  • At the top-right corner of their profile page, click Edit and select Edit Relationships.
    1. You can initiate a disconnect next to the relationship by clicking the X button.
  • In the menu that appears, click on Remove.
  1. When detaching two people from each other, either person is removed, and hence the connection between both individuals is removed.


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