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How to fix display issues in Family Tree Maker for windows?


Many people must be familiar with Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, which store genealogical data concerning your ancestors, lineage, etc. However, sometimes you might be facing specific issues on Family Tree Maker.

Are you experiencing unusually large text? Or you cannot go or access the bottom of the page on Family Tree Maker?

It might be possible that you are facing display issues! If you are using windows and looking for a quick guide to solving these issues, you have found the right article!


Why do I face display issues? 

One of the first questions users usually ask when frustrated by frequent troubleshooting is what causes this issue? You should be aware of the scaling feature on FTM windows to understand that. You can use this feature to adjust the size of text and other elements on the screen. If you are using the scaling part, it might be possible that windows have changed the size of your text and UI elements according to the scale you have specified, which might explain the weird text size.


How to fix this display issue? 

However, one frequently asked question is how to solve this issue after identifying it precisely? The answer is straightforward; you will have to disable the DPI scaling feature in Family Tree Maker.

Before you start the procedure. You should be aware that you can use the scaling option in Windows. You can use this function to enlarge the text and other elements on the screen. When you use the scaling feature, keep this in mind. As a result, Windows adjusts the size of the text and UI elements to the scale you specify. If the text does not appear to be shown correctly, follow the instructions below to disable DPI scaling in Family Tree Maker.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to disable the DPI scaling feature

  • Firstly, Look for the Family Tree Maker shortcut from the desktop, taskbar, or the start menu.
  • Next, Access the drop-down list by pressing the right mouse click and selecting the ‘Properties’ option from the drop-down list, usually at the end of the list.
  • Then, you will see a properties dialogue box appear on your screen. Amongst the six menus, click on ‘Compatibility.’
  • Tick the box which says, “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings,” and click on OK
  • Once this is done, restart the Family Tree Maker to ensure the problem has been solved.


Other tips for troubleshooting Family Tree Maker 

However, sometimes it might be challenging to identify what the problem is. It may be possible that you have identified a situation incorrectly. Many factors can affect your program performance, and here are a few tips for dealing with them.

  • Checking for updates
  • Uninstalling Family Tree Maker
  • Restarting Family Tree Maker
  • Performing a clean boot, and a lot more.


Undertaking these courses of action would ensure that your program stays away from viruses, system utilities, processes, or hacks. Moreover, regularly updating your Family Tree Maker software might improve its functionality. Furthermore, it might be helpful in some cases to just simply uninstall and reinstall the software, and you will notice the problem has automatically been resolved.

All this will ensure your family tree maker software runs smoothly and does not cause any trouble.



To summarise, difficulties with Family Tree Maker may occur from time to time, but they are not to be concerned. You can deal with them in a variety of ways. For example, if you have a display problem, you may disable the scaling option in Windows, which may influence the size of your text, page scrolling, and so on. You can deal with it by following the methods outlined above.

However, some general guidelines you may follow to ensure that your system’s functions are running correctly. You can chat with our executive or contact us directly if you have any additional queries about ancestry helper and ancestry login. Our professionals will take you step by step through the procedure, making you feel at ease.

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