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How to make a FTM template on Google Docs

Is it still valid to use the family tree to depict the relationships between family members over generations? That’s almost certainly the case! Using Google Docs to create the family tree has become more efficient and straightforward, thanks to the addition of new features that make the process of creating a tree go faster.


This post will show you how to construct this family tree in Google Docs in the simplest way possible.


Steps to create the family tree on Google Docs


Step 1: Create a new Google Doc in Google Drive.


Step 2: From the Insert menu, choose Drawing, then New. You’ll see that a new drawing box has appeared…




Step 3: As you can see, the Drawing dialogue box’s close-up view is equipped with a number of functions, including:


  • Action – Cut, copy, paste, alignment, ordering, and grouping are just a few of the options available with this selection.
  • Undo – By removing the most recent modification, The original state of the document is restored.
  • Redo – This action undoes any prior action that was undone with an undo.
  • Zoom –This operation allows you to zoom in and out. When you zoom in, the writing gets bigger, and when you zoom out, it gets smaller.
  • Select –This option allows you to pick and choose the elements you want to use.
  • Line – This action can be used to draw a variety of lines.
  • Shape –  With this form action, you can create a variety of shapes.
  • Textbox – This allows you to type the text for your family tree.
  • Image – This option allows you to upload or drag and drop an image for your family tree.


Step 4: There is a “Line” option that includes components such as “Line,” “Arrow,” “Elbow connector,” “Curved connector,” “Curve,” “Polyline,” and “Scribble.” is a “Line” option that includes elements such as “Line,” “Arrow,” “Elbow connector,” “Curved connector,” “Curve,” “Polyline,” and “Scribble.”




By joining each part to the other, you can connect the components of a “Line” feature.


The next feature is “Shapes,” which includes things like “Shapes,” “Arrows,” “Callouts,” and “Equations.” The last “Equation” contains mathematical symbols such as Plus, Minus, Multiply, Divide, Equal, etc.


The “shape” is followed by a “Text box” function, which allows you to input text based on your surroundings. Each component’s pieces have their own set of possibilities, allowing you to create a variety of shapes.


Then there’s the “Image” feature, which will open a new dialogue box when you click it.




Step 4: The picture dialogue box, as seen in the preceding image, contains several features such as “Upload,” “By URL,” “Your album,” “Google Drive,” and “Search.” You can then add the licensed image to your family tree once you’ve finished uploading the images.


Step 5: Furthermore, you can only choose photographs that you are certain you have the right to use; otherwise, you risk a serious copyrights violation.


Step 6: Shapes, photos, and text boxes can all be placed in the space and linked together with lines.




Step 7: To add text, double-click the shape.


Step 8:Click “Save & Close” once you’ve finished your diagram.


Step 9: In this way, you can create your family tree in Google Docs.

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