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Family tree maker sync issue with Ancestry

Family Tree Maker and Ancestry are a blessing for those who want to save their family history, lineage, and ancestor’s information. Family Tree Maker is a part of Ancestry, and in fact, you can sync both of them together. But you must be thinking? What is syncing between FTM and Ancestry? You might have a family tree linked between Ancestry and Family tree maker. To transfer the updated information every time you make changes to either tree, you need to use syncing.


But there can be some problems and issues when syncing Ancestry and Family Tree Maker.


Why do I experience syncing issues? 

You must be wondering what causes these syncing issues when the software and the site are both reliable and user-friendly? Well, here are a few causes:

  • Internet connection issues 

You might experience a sync error due to changes in internet speeds, reliability, and stability of different service providers. Dial-up connections, for example, are prolonged, satellite connections may vary, and cable connections can also slow down in peak usage hours. Perhaps the best solution, in this case, is to wait and retry after some time. You can also try to plug your computer directly into your modem.


  • Media sync issues 

Sometimes, you may face sync issues due to media in your files Because the media sync separately with the files, and the greater your media collection, or if you have bad media such as a PDF, might prolong the syncing process. You may not even see the media processing status bar. To solve this, You’ll have to go through the process the media workspace, check each file, detect the file causing the problem, and remove them.


Other tips to solve sync issues 

Some of you might be thinking: “I experience none of those mentioned above problems but still facing sync issue.”

It can disrupt the sync process due to many factors. Here are some tips to try if you are facing other sync problems

  • Restart the Family Tree maker software, or your computer 

can simply resolve the problem by restarting the software or your computer. However, you must not do this when the syncing is already in process!


  • Restore your backup 

If you have kept frequent, latest backups of your family tree, you can try this method! If you are continuously facing syncing problems, you can restore the most recent backup of your tree.


  • Re-download your tree 

What if you do not have a backup? You can re-download your Ancestry tree as a new tree in Family Tree Maker and follow the same steps for syncing for the first time.



Therefore, don’t worry too much if you face problems syncing your family maker tree with the ancestry tree. Just follow the above steps! But if you’re still in it, don’t give up. For more questions about ancestry helper and ancestry login, you can just chat with our executive or contact us directly. Our experts will walk you through the process step by step, making you feel at peace.

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