Deleting Multiple Persons in Family Tree Maker Software

Deleting Multiple Persons in Family Tree Maker Software

The Family Tree Maker has long been known to be an effective genealogy software
that helps you keep a detailed history of your awesome ancestry.
If you have been a user of the Family Tree Maker, you might have been cruising along
without any challenge or difficulty, adding to the tree from right to left and upwards
to downwards.
But just suddenly and recently, you realized something seemed wrong and
consequently found out that a specific set of individuals were erroneously inputted as
members into the wrong position on the family tree. Multiple people having the same
name in our family tree maker software is sometimes a system-generated problem.
Hence, you tried deleting such accidental insertions.
Were you successful with deleting the multiple individuals that you introduced by
accident? No?
You don’t have to worry because Ancestry Support has got you covered.
Here is a stepwise guideline to easily delete these multiple individuals within the
shortest time. All you must do is patiently walk through it confidently. Let’s walk, shall
What do I do to delete multiple persons in Family Tree Maker 2019?
It is simple to delete multiple persons in your Family Tree Maker, but be careful first
to ensure every single tree information of yours has been well backed up using an
external USB drive or a cloud storage device such as Dropbox.
For more detailed information on how to back up your tree file, you can read our
article on “How to back up and sync logs in Family Tree Maker 2019.”
By applying diagrams in the Publish Workspace, you can rapidly eliminate multiple
persons from your tree in your Family Tree Maker program.
What Is The Best Way To Remove A Family Tree?
● It is stated that there is a possibility of data loss. Backup your family tree maker
before starting the process.
● It can usually be saved as computer data or recovered by experts, although
prevention is preferable. Backing up your FTM is hence generic advice.
Here are steps to take in deleting multiple persons in your family tree-
● First, you should open your Family Tree Maker software and locate the People
Workspace. Then, select the target individual to be deleted from the index of
the multiple set of people you want to take off.
● If the Index panel seems invisible and the target person cannot be found,
attempt to enlarge the panel itself by clicking the black arrow on the top left
below the Tree Tab.
● Then proceed to select the Publish icon at the top right-hand corner, after
which you click on the Collection tab if it is still inactive.
● Go ahead to Select and create the chart that perfectly reveals the set of multiple
persons you desire to erase.
However, it is not possible to get rid of the set of multiple individuals from two unique
types of charts which are the Relationship and Pedigree Charts.
Hey, but you know what? It’s no big deal when you see individuals you do not desire
to erase also appearing in the chart. An alternative for you is to utilize the selection
tools to hone your inclinations.
Now, alright, your charts have been generated and what next?
Proceed to select particular personalities or factions that you want to erase. You do
this by simply right-clicking the personality’s name in the chart.
Have you done that? You are making progress already!
Ok then, a menu shows that allows selecting special groups such as your ancestors,
descendants or even individuals of an identical generation.
The next is to select as many unique persons as possible rather than a predetermined
group. Do this, just press and hold down the Ctrl or Shift buttons on the keyboard of
your computer and then click on the individuals in the chart instead.
After you’ve selected this group of people:
● Right-click one of the highlighted boxes.
● Choose Delete from File.
● Select Selected Persons from the option that appears.
You will immediately see the Delete Selected person window with the list of
designated people. Go ahead to Review this list and click OK to erase these people
from your file

We hope this article has helped with relevant insight.
But if you are still in need of more clarifications, no worries.
Use the Contact us tab to reach out to us directly, and our team will guide you every
step of the way with absolute simplicity.

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