Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer

Family Tree Maker 2019 makes it easy to transfer your family tree files between different computers and operating systems. Follow these steps to transfer your FTM file from one computer to another or from one operating system. This tutorial will cover how to transfer from Windows to Mac and Mac to Windows, but you can use the same steps when transferring from Windows to Linux or any other combination of operating systems.

Transfer your Family Tree Maker database to an external hard drive

You can copy your FTM database file to an external hard drive and then transfer it to your new Computer. The following steps explain how:

  1. In Family Tree Maker, click on File -> Save.
  2. Save your data under a different name than your current File (e.g., Family Tree Maker Backup).
  3. Choose Copy as FAM file instead of Save As, ensuring that you also include all items in addition to just MySource items.

Once you have copied your data, close Family Tree Maker and run Windows Explorer or Finder.

Once you have copied your data from Family Tree Maker onto an external hard drive, it is time to install Family Tree Maker on your new Computer. First, run Windows Explorer or Finder and locate where you have saved your Copy of Family Tree Maker. Right-click on your File and choose Copy, then navigate to wherever you would like to save it on your PC. Once you’ve saved it there, right-click again and choose Paste.

Transfer FTM 2019 To A New Computer

  • FTM 2019 must be installed on both computers to transfer Family Tree Maker 2019 files. You will need a removable storage device such as a thumb drive or flash drive to move your files.
  • Start Family Tree Maker 2019. Next, locate the location of the newly exported File. Next, right-click the File to select the Copy.
  • Now, you can save this file to your USB flash drive. Once you have inserted your USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer, Open the My Computer icon on the desktop.
  • Right-click the space in this window. A menu will open. Please click Paste to open this menu.
  • Now, your Family Tree Maker 2019 file is copied to your USB flash drive. After this is complete, the File should be listed on your flash drive. This step can take a few minutes, depending on how large your File is. You can now unplug your flash drive from one computer and plug it into the other.
  • After inserting the USB into your computer, copy your File to this Computer before you can restore it in Family Tree Maker. Select Computer from the Start menu. Double-click the drive icon to open your USB flash drive.
  • Locate the icon for your family folder on your flash drive. Right-click the icon and choose Copy. Right-click on the space on your desktop and choose Paste
  • All these steps allow us to transfer FTM 2019 easily to a new computer.

Use the backup function in Family Tree Maker.

Family Tree Maker (FTM) users have been requesting one feature for years, and in 2019 Ancestry delivered: you can now make local backups of your database, including photos, media files, and your custom reports. To do so: click on File> Backup, then select Local Backups (if you don’t see it here, click More Options). From there, you’ll find and browse all of your files or pick just specific databases and media. You can also schedule backup times to occur automatically.