Family tree maker not connecting to internet

Family tree maker is an ancestry chart-making software that helps to bind your family generations. Online software that can be accessed by the owner and its sub-users anytime. It is beneficial to keep the members of the old generation listed and information about them. So that your upcoming generation never forgets your past ancestors’ family members. This software works online also, so there will be so many features in family tree maker software. 

Family tree maker not connecting to internet
Fix Family tree maker not connecting to internet

In the case of the first start, this family tree-making software needs a basic setup for your system to be installed properly. Once it gets installed, you can start making your ancestor family data in it. But sometimes, users can face mirror issues in this FTM (Family Tree maker) software. But it’s not a big issue. The issue can solve it, and it’s not making any harsh effects on this software.

When you start using a family tree maker on your system, and it starts using its features. You will get a better understanding of it. You may face this issue sometimes. Family tree maker not connecting to internet. Many users face this issue while they are trying to connect sometimes. But don’t worry about this, the above issue will resolve this issue quickly. 

Some other issues you can face are-

In the Windows-7 system

Maybe families get stuck sometimes. That’s why we always recommend using windows. That also revents you from most other system warnings and fewer connectivity issues.

Windows Update

Sometimes, the old windows version failed to connect the family tree maker to the internet service. If you have not updated your windows for a long time, maybe Family tree maker software will face some issues. So it would help if you tried to use updated windows.

Windows update
Windows update

Disable antivirus firewall –

Sometimes, antivirus firewalls don’t allow you to access the software online. To resolve that, you can disable firewalls off for a while from your antivirus settings.

Antivirus Firewall
Antivirus Firewall

Sometimes, when you try to connect it with the internet, it will say that the family tree maker is not connecting to the internet.

First, check the system security (Antivirus protections) of the system. Sometimes security blocks the software to connect to the internet for safety features. Or maybe permission from the securities is not enabled for this connection. So you have to enable that permission to connect the spyware online. This way may be helpful for this issue. 

Otherwise, you can go for the next solution – Updating your software/firmware version to the latest. 

To resolve this issue, you can check for the latest updates online first. You can easily update this from its setting option. It will check online for checking updates and give you the information about what version you have currently. And what version is currently available for you.

After updating it to the current version, this “family tree maker not connecting to the internet” will not occur again.

Family tree maker update
Family tree maker update

What if it’s still saying the family tree will not connect to the internet?

So after updating it, if this issue is again said the same, you have to contact us HERE so that we can assist you with this kind of issue. Our experienced technical team will guide you and give you a proper solution for not connecting issues and issues .


If you still face trouble , then it is time to connect with the family tree maker helps NOW.