Creat your own family

Do people ask why we need a family tree?

It is a simple answer: if you love your family members, it is the best thing you can do for family purposes. By creating a family tree, you protect your complete ancestral records for future generations. A rare treasure for your future children.

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Family tree is a visual graphical representation of all family members, tracing relationships with common ancestors. Looking like an org chart, this drawing is usually presented in the form of a tree, starting with one person as the root. From the root, the lines representing the branches are cut into boxes representing the leaves.

Family tree graphical genealogical presentation- That makes it easy to keep the large numbers of records of the people of your family, places, and events that make up your family history and share them with others. Learn to draw a family tree (or get started quickly with a few examples of family trees).

Why are you creating a family tree?

If you are a little interested in your ancestor and would like to understand who you are and where you come from, you may want to create a genealogy chart.

There are many reasons to make your family trees:

  • First, it gives you contact with your estate.
  • It can help you to follow genetics and worry about family health.
  • FTM is a good idea to read your family history about historical events.
  • It is a great way to arouse your children’s interest in learning about their ancestors and preserving family affairs.
  • It would be easy to use after you make it.

How to start with family tree maker

A family tree can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

A simple birth chart might include you, your parents, your grandparents, and your grandparents. An ideal family tree chart may include all of your family members.

How far you go and who you put in is up to you.

Let’s get started 

Before you jump in to make your family tree, you may want to do a little planning. For example, you could ask yourself:

  • Do you want to go back?
  • Does anyone in your family already have this information to give you a start?
  • What kind of information do you want to include in each leaf (birth, marriage, death)?
  • Do you want to add images of ancestors to each leaf? Where can you find these pictures?

You may also want to decide which tree to draw. In nature, trees grow from the ground up to the sky, but families can grow from the bottom to the top, up to the bottom, or horizontally on paper or a computer. We’ll give a strong recommendation if you are making it fresh or for the first time please look at some examples of FTM . For making it with more ease and helpful ideas. 

There is no single definition of a family tree that sets out what should be included or what a family tree should look like. But be aware that if you want to plan a relationship without digging too deep, you may draw a simple bird drawing instead. Family tree- diagrams use basic symbols like- lines, boxes to represent relationships for easy access to your ancestry tree.

1. Gather information about your family

Collect the data and write down the list of your family members. Then, visit libraries and online sources to search for census records, news reports, land titles, and other documents that can verify your identity.

Remember that you can go back to now due to the limited availability of trusted records. You may have heard of other humans claiming to follow the lineage of Adam and Eve. But in reality, it is far more difficult to obtain accurate records than in a few hundred years because many records were destroyed by fire, floods, wars, and simple negligence. Most family trees define a genealogy back to three or four generations because of limited knowledge.

2. Make a family tree frame

Gather all the information you have and create an outline. Then, start drawing from you to your ancestors, or start with an old ancestor you know and follow along with you. With these representations you can make it free-hand.

3. Fill in the details for each leaf

Now here family members will be represented by connected lines to represent relationships. Each shape is a leaf in a tree, you can choose the shape of your choice for representations . The shape you selected to represent the particular relation, make sure you remember that for future add-on purposes. Post photos, important event dates, and any other information you want to add to your paper. As you combine this information, we can recommend a few additional guidelines.

Make it easy

If you want your FTM to be useful to other members too, of your family. So keep it simple so that the information is easily scanned and further processed. Try to make each level of the tree represent one generation to make it easier to track relationships.

Do not eat your family’s dirty laundry.

Who will be watching this family tree painting? There may be family secrets unknown to all living family members, so try to be sensitive about adding unwanted information to some of your relatives.

4. Distribute a drawing of your family tree

Once you have completed your birth chart or family tree drawing, share it with your family members and give them a chance to reflect on their genealogy or read new family stories. You can also invite them to provide more information. 

If you have created an online family tree drawing with Family Tree Maker, click “Share” to give family members access to share with you in viewing or posting your family tree in multiple file formats.

Discover your family history with FTM Maker Helps

Use FTM to easily create a family tree chart. No matter where your family members live at the moment, everyone with permission to share and edit the document can open, add notes, and edit or make adjustments simultaneously. It’s a great way to bring your family closer together without being in the same place.

Feel free ask more about it..