Family Tree maker user guide

Now create your ancestry chart on the go with Family Tree Maker. Family Tree Maker is an ancestry software that is loaded with multiple features. While it’s worth having these features onboarded to the application, it can be cumbersome and confusing as well. This is not only true for Family Tree Maker but it can be true for any feature-rich applications. But, that should not be a concern if there is enough support available for the users.

For users of Family Tree Maker, Family Tree maker support is available. Family Tree maker support is a well-trusted advisor for the users of Family Tree Maker. With Family Tree maker support, you can build your family tree hassle-free. With family tree maker support, even first-time users can start creating their lucid chart based on their family at ease.

FTM user guide
FTM user guide

Using the companion guide

If you are looking for a Family Tree maker guide or some kind of manual for Family Tree Maker, then you can use the companion guide. No need to call customer care or chat with anyone, help is available right at your desktop. The companion guide is built into the Family Tree Maker software, and it can be launched straight away from there. It is the most convenient Family Tree maker guide, that is available just with a simple click. This guide is a must for the new users, as it helps them to understand the application features in a better way.

In other words, this is the How-To document, which the user should have handy. This helps the user to start working on the application even if he is not an expert. The companion guide makes the user his boss. This ultimate Family Tree maker guide can be consulted and used throughout, to become an expert user of this application

It must be noted that Family Tree Maker can be quite complex at times with the complex chart and add-ons. Without a proper guide, it might be very difficult to work upon. Current only a soft copy of the companion guide is available. In case the user needs a hard copy, then he can download and print it.

If none of the steps worked, and you don’t want to upgrade, then it is time to connect with the family tree maker helps NOW.