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Family Tree maker is not software, it’s a treasured platform to store the family history. In a single glance, one can visualize the ancestry relations within the family. Every family has its own story. For the last 30 years, Family Tree Maker has been capturing these stories. It’s one of premium genealogy software that comes loaded with different tools and options. This is what makes it one of the most feature-rich ancestry software.

But, whenever we hear the word feature-rich we assume that it might be complex software. This is where Family Tree maker software is different from other genealogy software available in the market. Users can access Family Tree maker support to learn about the various features offered by the software


IT’s Way easy do you think with single click

Family Tree Maker has multiple options for the users, that help them to capture the story of their family. There is no doubt that it is a feature-rich platform. But, for novice users too many features could be added complexity. Too many complexities could be added worries. This is not the case with this software.

With Family Tree maker support, one can get support on the software right away. So, no more spending hours figuring out where to find the right options? Or, spending hours while wondering what to do, and how to do it? That is why for any software or applications, proper support is inevitable. Good thing is, there is comprehensive support for Family Tree maker software. Right from ordering the software, getting a replacement to fix an error, or learn about the right options.  Or, spending hours while wondering what to do, and how to do it? That is why for any software or applications, proper support is inevitable.

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Can you share more details on the chat support? Yes, absolutely. A big question that you might have is, how do I access the chat support? As a first step goes to, https://www.familytreemakerhelps.com This is the official support page for the Family Tree maker software. Once you are there, on the bottom right corner there will be a chat option. Click on that. A new box will pop up. Fill up the details, and click on chat. If you have come to this part, Congratulations you are connected to one of the most expert support teams eager to help the customers. Most of the time, connecting the helpdesk key product information is required. It could be the serial number, product number, or registered phone number. The good thing with the chat support of the Family Tree maker is, it requires only basic information to connect you to the next available agent. You don’t have to waste time finding product details from your email or the CD case

Live Chat Services